2020 Tricks to Win Playing Baccarat Online Gambling

Tricks to Win Playing Baccarat Online – The baccarat game is a very easy game to play because this game doesn’t have a special strategy. However, if you play seriously in this game, it is very certain that baccarat can bring you more additional money. Since the beginning, baccarat has become one of the games for elite aristocrats because the value of the game bet money is large enough to become a high attraction.

Now you don’t need to worry anymore because you don’t need to be a sultan or be like an ancient nobleman to play baccarat gambling. Now technology is also growing rapidly in the world, especially in Indonesia and the internet network. By using mobile phones based on Android and IOS, now all of you can play online baccarat gambling anywhere and anytime.

There are several things you should know about the online baccarat gambling game before you can play it. And you also have to know why the game of baccarat is the fairest game from ancient times until now.

1. Why is the baccarat game called the fairest gambling game because it uses the live streaming feature or live (directly), namely with a female dealer (card dealer) who will accompany you when playing.

2. Because this game is a game that has existed since ancient times and is very popular with its fans even if the players are far from land casinos.

This time, we will explain in full how to play agen sbobet online baccarat gambling aimed at those of you who want to play baccarat gambling or as beginners who want to try this baccarat game online.

How To Play Baccarat Online For A Beginner

There is no difference how to play baccarat online live streaming by playing directly in the casino building. Now, before playing baccarat online, there are a number of terms that you need to know first so that you don’t get confused later.

  • Dealer: The person in charge of distributing cards and usually women
  • Deck: 1 deck of cards contains 52 cards, usually at the baccarat table there is a box containing 8 decks of cards randomly
  • Chips: Generally in the form of coins made of plastic which have different values. This is the balance to bet on.
  • Player: Bet on Player if the cards are bigger than the Banker
  • Banker: Bet on the Banker if the cards are bigger than the Player
  • Tie: We usually know as Series or the same card value between Player and Banker cards.
    Player Pair: Bet on Player if the cards that come out are a pair and have the same value or are twins (pair)
  • Banker Pair: Bet on Banker if the cards that come out are a pair and have the same value or are twins (pair)
  • Fortune Six: Bet on Banker with card value of 6.

Player or Banker

If you choose the type of bet in the Player or Banker position, you will get a winning payment with a value of 1 to 1 for the player. However, there are things you need to know that some online bookies charge a 5% discount for Banker position bets.

Example: If you bet on the Banker worth 100 thousand and win then you will receive 95 thousand.

Tie (Seri)

If you choose the type of Tie bet you will get a winning payout with a value of 1: 8. If you have placed a bet either on Player or Banker, but the result is Tie then your bet will be returned.

Example: If there is a bet on Tie worth 100 thousand and wins then it will be received is 800 thousand

Player Pair or Banker Pair

If you choose the Player Pair or Banker Pair bet type, you will get a winning payout with a value of 1: 11. This type of bet is considered valid only on the first pair. Pair formed from the third card is not considered valid.

Example: If you bet on Player Pair or Banker Pair worth 100 thousand and win then you will receive 1,100,000, –

Fortune Six

If you choose the Fortune Six bet type, you will get a winning payout with a value of 1: 22. The Fortune Six bet types are not always available on all baccarat and land casino tables.

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Example: If you bet on Fortune Six worth 100 thousand and win then you will receive 2,200,000.

Explanation of the Baccarat Game

As we explained above, the online baccarat gambling game uses 8 card decks that are collected into one clear mica box and shuffled randomly. Before the dealer deals the cards, you must place the bet you want to choose. After the bet is placed, the Dealer will distribute 1 card each and the card is immediately opened, be it a Player or Banker card.

The winner of the baccarat gambling game is the player who has the highest card. The highest card is worth 9. Cards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 have a value according to the card, while the cards King, Queen, Jack and 10 have a value of 0 (blank). If you find a card with a value of tens, it will take the unit number.

Example: We get a card 7 + 5 = 12, then the value of the card taken is only 2.

If you get two cards and the value has not reached 6 in either the Player or Banker positions, the Dealer will issue a third card from the deck to increase the value of your card. And on the other hand, if you get two cards and the value reaches 6 or more, the dealer will not add the third card. This third card is usually the winner or vice versa.

It should be noted that each baccarat table has different betting limits or limits. In general, the maximum limit on online casino gambling sites is 1,000 (1 million) and the minimum bet is 10 (10 thousand).

Tricks to Play Baccarat Online to Win

Indeed, the baccarat game does not have a special strategy, because usually only the luck factor is needed. But we will provide some tricks for playing baccarat online, these tricks can be applied at land casinos too. Hopefully this trick can increase your winning percentage and this trick has been tried before.

Pay attention to the patterns of play that often come out, be it Player or Banker. The method is quite simple, you just have to look at the history of the game before entering the selected baccarat shirt. This history can be our reference in choosing Player or Banker. If in this history the Banker often wins, then we can place bets on the Player until 5 x rounds then move to the Banker position.

Who doesn’t want to win? everyone will want to win at any point. Now, in the baccarat game, we shouldn’t be too passionate about betting if we often lose or win. If you often lose, try to stop for a moment and pay attention to the first trick above, if you keep winning, it’s still the same, you have to pay attention to the historical pattern again. Why is it necessary to pause? because usually the bettors who lose or win even let their emotions play, not the logic that plays anymore.

The third trick is how to play baccarat online which is effective and is used if you often lose and have large capital. The trick is to double the bet. Oh yes, before starting this trick, first determine the bets that you will double.

Example: In one bet you place 50 thousand continuously with the choice of Player or Banker (make your choice and look back at the history), if you lose, immediately fold the bet to 5 x times = 250 thousand with the same bet selection and so on. If you apply this trick, your previous defeat will quickly pay off by folding the bet on baccarat gambling. This third trick is usually done by master baccarat players.

These three short tricks can be a benchmark for playing online baccarat gambling for beginners. Indeed, the game of baccarat looks easy and simple, but it also takes patience in forming a game pattern that you can later find on your own and become proficient and have a strong feeling in guessing the cards that come out on baccarat gambling.