A Learning Guide to Understanding the Great Rhino Pragmatic Slots

The Great Rhino slot is famous for its several features that are very beneficial for some players, even though the minimum bet amount on this slot is quite expensive for Online Slot Gambling players who don’t want to bet a lot in one game but rather than emphasizing the minimum bet amount, Great Rhino can give you up to 500x the amount of your bet.

In this Great Rhino slot game, we have to understand some of the rules, because Great Rhino has quite a lot of rules. Therefore, you as a player need to understand before playing this Great Rhino Slot because some players don’t want to read it first so they don’t know what advantages this Great Rhino slot provides. Here will explain what is contained in this Great Rhino slot.

Rules in Great Rhino Slots

In the Great Rhino slot all symbols are paid from left to right and the rounds start from the leftmost reel, the Great Rhino slot has several symbols, especially the Rhino or Rhino symbol, the Great Rhino slot has 11 paid symbols, some of which are letter symbols such as A, K, Q, J, these symbols are small symbols found in the Great Rhino slot, symbols J, Q, K give the same and the smallest amount of payment among them, after these symbols there are still symbols A which is slightly higher than J, Q, K, this symbol pays IDR 2,500 – if your minimum bet amount is IDR 2,000, – but each site has a different bet amount as well. The number of lines that can be calculated and paid is as many as 20 payment lines,

Another symbol is a big symbol, this big symbol has a picture of an animal, there are flamingos, hyenas, crocodiles, leopards and rhinos as the main symbols of the Great Rhino slot. the following payment is a payment with a minimum bet amount of IDR 2000, -. The Flamingo symbol provides the largest payment of IDR 5,000 and the Hyena symbol is the largest paid IDR 10,000, then there is the Crocodile symbol which has a fee of IDR 15,000, after the crocodile there is still a leopard symbol with a total payment of IDR 20,000 and followed by the Rhino who has payment of Rp. 40,000, – which is greater than the other animal symbols.

Feature Symbols in Great Rhino Slots

Great Rhino also has several symbols or features that can be obtained easily, judi slot pulsa as the wild symbol, this symbol can replace other symbols and can also be a payment symbol, this symbol has a higher payment than the Rhino symbol, which is IDR 50,000. , -. besides the wild symbol, Great Rhino also has a bonus feature symbol, this feature only appears on line or reel 2,3,4 and will not appear on reels 1 and 5, if this symbol appears anywhere on reel 2,3,4 then you are will get a bonus feature, with this symbol it will make it easier for you to get paid more with the bonus feature, what is given this feature is a free spin or free spin feature, with free spins you don’t have to pay even one spin for 10x. During this round of bonus features you will see the Rhino symbol will change to a wild symbol and still with the original wild symbol, you will get a bigger payout prize if you get the Rhino row and the wild symbol together. If there is a Rhino symbol arranged from top to bottom with two lines, it will not be counted with the re-spin feature provided by Great Rhino.

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The rules that are given for the ReSpin Feature

In Great Rhino Slot, this slot gives us its superior feature, this feature can only be obtained by getting 2 Rhino symbol arrangements on any reel to trigger this ReSpin feature. When this feature is triggered, the game will pay for a regular paid symbol, but the symbol will remain silent if it appears on the payment line, as long as your ReSpins will be given 3 ReSpins, as long as the ReSpins take place, only the Rhino symbol will appear on the slot. Every time there is a Rhino symbol that appears it will give you one more time to get the ReSpin feature, if ReSpin is up and there are no more Rhino symbol combinations that will be added and paid for. If when you get 14 Rhino symbols you will be paid with the Big Jackpot which is multiplied by 375x your total bet,

The Great Rhino slot currently has many playing agen judi sbobet, even now the Great Rhino slot has issued its second version called the Great Rhino Megaways slot, with the many features that this slot provides, it makes players very profitable because it will be very easy to get paid just of its features that really pay a sizable fee.