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Terms In Cockfighting and the Advantages of Playing Online

When you decide to do cockfighting matches online, you will definitely find many differences compared to in person. Players who are used to making live bets when trying to play online will definitely feel complicated and complicated. This is because you are not familiar with online games.

However, if you try to be patient and study online cockfighting matches, you will find many advantages. The advantage of online cockfighting is greater, especially if you don’t need to heat up anymore. This is what makes many cockfighting players immediately switch to online cockfighting.

But in online cockfighting matches , you will find a lot of sbobet888 new terms that must be understood. Existing terms usually use a foreign language which is sometimes difficult to understand. For this reason, below will explain some terms that are commonly used very simply so that they are easier to understand.

Terms Commonly Used In Cockfighting Competitions

In a cockfighting gambling match, there are several terms that must be understood. All of this is intended to make it easier for you to make bets. One of the terms that is always used in cockfighting is banker. Banker is a choice of chicken that will be pitted against in red.

If the banker is a chicken in red then the player is a chicken in blue. There are two choices to make it easier for you to choose the chicken to be pitted in a cockfighting match . You may choose between banker or player when placing a bet.

In cockfighting matches you will find the term draw. What is meant by draw is that both chickens die even though the match time has not yet ended. No player has won or lost. Then all bets will be refunded without any deductions.

One of the terms that you will often find in online cockfighting gambling is FTD. Full Time Draw is a state where the time is up, which is 10 minutes but no chickens have died. In a situation like this, the match is declared finished with all the players losing.

Advantages of Playing Cockfighting Online

Minimal bets are very affordable
Playing cockfighting online will make it easier to place bets. If the direct bet is usually a large enough nominal. However online you can place a pretty small bet. So that you can use the maximum possible capital to be able to do a lot of matches.

Easy transaction process
If you play online there is no need to carry cash directly. All transactions are made online using bank transfer. So that transactions will be safer and of course will be easier. All of the winnings you get can also go directly to your bank account.

Lots of added bonuses
Online cockfighting gambling agents will provide many additional bonuses for you. This bonus will not be obtained if you play directly. Some examples of bonuses that are given such as new member bonuses, cashback deposit bonuses, jackpot bonuses and many more. However, all bonuses are given with terms and conditions that must be met.

More guaranteed safety
Playing cockfighting gambling is more secure, you don’t need to worry about any restrictions. When compared to direct cockfighting which is more risky. Account and identity will be protected securely by agents. All transactions are also guaranteed security and can be sure to be processed properly.

Large selection of matches
If you play cockfighting online, you don’t need to worry because there are many choices of matches to choose from. There are many opponents who are ready to compete with you in the online cockfighting betting area. In addition to the number of matches that exist, you can also determine which bets are placed freely.

Understanding the terms in a cockfighting gambling match is very important for beginners. Moreover, the existing terms usually use a foreign language, so it takes time to understand. However, if you already understand the ins and outs of online matches, there will be many advantages of a cockfighting match awaiting.


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Get To Know More About The Online Cockfighting Gambling Game

Online gambling games are increasingly developing and also continue to experience changes in the way they play and the types of games, for example, currently, gambling games also involve fighting between chickens or better known as cockfighting gambling. This one gambling game is now continuing to increase until now it is at the peak of popularity, because indeed this one gambling game is very exciting and also very realistic, aka it is far from the word regulation made by the dealer. So it is not surprising that this game is very loved and continues to be looked forward to by the players.

Maybe many don’t understand how to play cockfighting, that’s why we will share about the terms contained in the cockfighting game and also how to play it so that we can also enjoy the gambling game which is currently very profitable and also very fair play.

The term contained in the cockfighting game

In fact, this one game is very easy to understand and also very easy to understand because the game of cockfighting we only need to guess the winner between the chickens that will be contested. In the game there are also several terms that will be used when playing, these terms include:

  • Meron Meron is the term used when we want to place a bet on the red chicken that will compete.
  • Wala Wala is the term used when we want to place a bet for the blue chicken that will compete.
  • BDD Both Death Draw or BDD is a bet type available where the two fighting chickens die before the 10 minutes provided. If this condition occurs, the players who place bets on Meron or Wala will be returned.
  • FDD Full Time Draw or FDD is the term used when the two chickens competing have not died until the given 10 minute time runs out. If this condition occurs then all bets that choose Meron or Wala will be declared lost.
  • Hackfight Hackfight is a term that means cock fighting will be played freely, where everyone is free to play.
  • Derby Match This term is used for a match where the result of the game is determined by which team wins the most games.

In the game of cockfighting, there are Situs Sbobet also several terms and types of bets that are commonly used, we must also know this so that we don’t misinterpret when placing bets. These terms include:

  • + 1.00: This is a condition where we want to place a bet of Rp. 100,000, -, if we win after placing this bet, we will get paid Rp. 200,000 including our capital. If we lose the game we will lose our capital of Rp. 100,000.
  • + 0.90: In this condition, it means that if we place a bet of Rp. 100,000 and we win the game, we will get paid Rp. 190,000, – including our capital. Likewise, if we accept defeat we will lose our capital of Rp. 100,000.

Tips For Choosing Chickens Before Playing

Before playing, it’s better if we understand the type of chicken that will play so that we don’t bet something in vain. Here are tips for choosing quality chickens:

  • Choosing a Chicken by Looking at the Comb One of the tips for choosing a chicken that has playing quality is to look at the comb that the chicken has, because usually a chicken that has three combs will have a better playing mentality when compared to a chicken that only has two combs. .
  • Choosing Chickens by Looking at the Tail The
    next tip is to choose a chicken based on the tail that the chicken has, because usually a chicken that has a long, straight, pointed tail is a chicken that can move agile and also aggressively.

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