Easy Guide Slot Aztec Gems Pragmatic Play

Aztec Gems is a slot that is quite popular among online gambling slot players.

The Aztec slot is a slot that is easier to play than other slots, this Aztec Gems slot is almost the same as the Joker Jewels which comes from one provider too, namely Pragmatic.

Aztec Gems has several features that distinguish it from the Joker Jewels slot, Aztecs have quite beneficial features with their multiplication, besides these features Aztecs also have more interesting features that make Online Slot Gambling players interested and survive playing in this Aztec Gems Slot.

The Aztec Gems slot has several rules that you must make sure.

Aztec Gems has 5 payment lines in the game, the Aztec Gems slot has a theoretical RTP of a total of 96.52% which makes it easy for you to get a prize back according to how much you bet, the Aztec Gems slot only makes a payment if the symbols line up from left to right and only the highest wins are paid per line.

There are 8 symbols in the Aztec Gems Slot

The first symbol is a yellow triangle stone symbol, the stone that gives the smallest prize in the Aztec Gems slot is followed by the blue stone, the blue stone has a total prize over the small yellow stone, but it is still profitable if you get enough rows, stones. The small red stone is at the top of the other small stones, the small red stone has a total reward of 4x as much as the small yellow stone which makes this stone at the top of the small situs judi slot terbaik.

The second symbol is the big red stone symbol, the big stone is a stone surrounded by gold and shiny, the big red stone symbol gives the greatest prize than the other stone symbols in the Aztec Gems Slot accompanied by a large purple stone which has a total prize of 3 times. The folding of the small blue stone is different from the large blue stone which has a total prize equal to 2 small blue symbols and 1 small yellow stone symbol, a large stone does not only have 3 symbols like a small stone, a large stone has 4 symbols and the last symbol is big green stone symbol, this symbol is equivalent to 2 small blue stone symbols, with 4 large stone symbols, the big symbols will likely appear more often than small stones which only have 3 symbols.

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The third symbol is a face symbol, a symbol that is different from the others is a very useful symbol in this Aztec Gems Slot because with this symbol you don’t need to be afraid if your stones don’t line up according to your wishes, this symbol can replace any symbol in the slot. Aztecs, this symbol also gives bigger prizes than other symbols, in online slot games a symbol that can replace any symbol includes features that benefit the bandar judi slot terpercaya player and is not an ordinary symbol, this symbol is commonly called the wild symbol. It cannot be denied that this symbol is a very useful symbol to help you get bigger prizes.

The features provided by the Aztec Gems Slot

Aztec Gems has several features that help you to get large amounts at once, in addition to the wild symbol feature or symbols that can replace any symbol, Aztec also has an advantage on the pay line, on the fourth line you can see there is a multiplication amount of x1. until x15, yes this feature gives you the multiplication of the total number of symbols per line that you get in just one round, you can’t imagine if you get the wild and x15 symbols together, you will quickly get a prize with just one tap.

Aztec Gems slots can still be played on any Online Slot Gambling site because this slot is not a bad slot to get your profit in the Online Slots game especially with the multiplication feature that is provided, you can be lucky to get the jackpot in this Aztec Gems Slot.