Of the many people in Indonesian society, there must be some people who are still unfamiliar with dominoqq. Especially now, where times have been very developed and this game has also been updated to become online dominoqq. Gambling lovers, of course, have to keep up with the times and get to know this online version of the dominoqq game before going to the betting table.

By getting to know this game first in online gambling, of course, later on, as an online gambling site player, you can play correctly. Therefore we will discuss the introduction of this one gambling game. Stay tuned for updates on the news this time to be able to understand the complete online version of the dominoqq game.

Information Regarding DominoQQ Online Gambling Games

You need to know that online dominoqq games are one of the games that are carried out using domino cards. At one table, a dominoqq game on the Poker server only has 6 players. Domino cards used in playing the game are only 1 set of cards.

In a set of dominoes, the six players at the table will later be distributed. Each player at the table will get four domino cards, which the distribution session is divided into two sessions. For the first session of your distribution as a player you will get 3 domino cards first.

After getting the first division session the players will place bets by selecting a betting menu such as: call, raise, check, fold and all in. After making the betting session, then you will get a fourth card if you still follow the bet and do not close the card in the game.

Because playing online, you don’t need to be difficult to combine your cards to find a value of 9. This is of course very easy for you to learn how to get card values ​​in the dominoqq game. In order to understand more clearly about this game we will just tell you how to count the cards.

For the highest card value itself in this game, of course, it is two pairs of cards with a total of 9 pairs of cards.So for the highest card in terms of eyes is qiuqiu (99). Here we will give you how to count cards in the dominoqq game, including:

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Counting the First 3 Cards
After getting the first 3 cards in the dominoqq game, you will need to be able to find a pair of cards that have the highest value, for example:

your cards = (4/2), (5/3), (2/1)

If you count the number of points for the first poker338a three cards then each card has a value of 6,8,3. From here, you as a player, of course, have to find a pair of cards with the highest value. By looking at the three cards, you will definitely choose a card (4/2) and (2/1) because if you add up all the circles you can reach the highest value, which is 9.

Combining Remaining Cards With the Fourth Card
Previously we had one pair of cards with the highest card value, namely 9. and had the remaining cards with the number of circles 8. After getting the fourth card, you just need to add up the two cards, for example we get a card (6/5) which means the total value is obtained on the fourth card is 11.

Then we have to add up the remaining cards with the fourth card only. The count from this example is 8-11, the value is 19 and only one that is taken is 9. The result of these two pairs of cards is 99 and meets the highest card value in dominoqq.

Get to know Jackpot Cards & How to Play Dominoqq Server Poker

Even though the highest value on the online dominoqq card is qiuqiu (99), there are still several other highest cards that fall into the jackpot category of this game on the poker server. Therefore, this time we will tell you about what the jackpot cards are on the following idn servers, including:

  • Six Gods Card
  • Balak Cards
  • Pure Great
  • Small Pure

By knowing all about this game, of course you will find it easier to understand how to play on online gambling sites. Here we will discuss for you how to play correctly in the online version of dominoqq gambling, including:

  • Register for an account on the game provider site
  • Top up the account balance to be able to play
  • Enter the game table and sit down
  • Then the final stage is to play and place your bet.