Joker Jewels, is an Online Slot Gambling game released by Provider Pragmatic Play for a long time. in this discussion, we will discuss how to play Joker Jewels properly and understand all the existing bonus lines and features.

Joker Jewels is easy enough to understand in just a few minutes, for that we must first understand how to play Joker Jewels properly.

first we can see the minimum number of bets in the Joker Jewels Slot, usually the minimum bet amount for the Joker Jewels Slot is IDR 500, – or Five Hundred Silver, for only IDR 500, – you can already get the Joker Jewels jackpot of IDR 500,000, – or Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah.

Understanding Voltage and Pay Line

In the Joker Jewels Slot game, the greater your bet amount, the bigger your total Jackpot will be in this Joker Jewels, in the Joker Jewels Slot you as a daftar judi online player can also how many lines are provided in Joker Jewels, you can also find out the total prizes you have. get with 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines and 5 lines as shown below.

The Joker Jewels slot has 5 pay lines that can be used to get prizes, all symbols that appear and hit the jackpot are counted from left to right. Joker Jewels also includes high voltage slots to play, high voltage slot games make you bet less often but your chances of winning in the short term are higher with big wins.

Auto Play and Fast Spin Systems

As for the features in the Joker Jewels slot that can set automatic spin, agen slot terbaru system allows you to play without playing it, this system will click automatically in your slot, in the automatic play system you can choose how much you want to use it, in the automatic system you can choose up to 1000 auto play. besides being able to play automatically you can also use the fast spin system in this Joker Jewels slot, there are two types of fast spins contained in this Joker Jewels, the first is a fast spin and the second is a turbo spin, a different turbo spin makes slot playback tucked in a fraction seconds.

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Understand the Joker Jewels Bonus Feature

Finally, the feature that Joker Jewels offers is a Bonus Feature. This feature makes it easier for you to get prizes, because if this bonus feature appears but is not parallel or in line, you will still get the Jackpot without conditions and discounts because this feature is what is profitable in this Joker Jewels Slot, the prizes provided by the feature This bonus is a higher prize in second place before the Joker becomes the main prize, the prize given by this bonus feature is also pegged to the amount of your bet, if you bet IDR 500, – you will get IDR 5,000 with 3 bonus symbols anywhere, IDR 25,000 for 4 bonus symbols and finally IDR 125,000