Guide on how to play the Koi Gate Habanero slot

Koi Gate is a slot game made by Provider Habanero, Koi Gate is also one of the best slots issued by Habanero, Koi Gate can be one of the best slots from Habanero because the minimum amount of bets is relatively small compared to other slots in Slot Gambling On line.

For a guide to playing Koi Gate Slots, you can listen to the reading below and learn together especially for players who just want to play this slot or new players who are just trying Online Slots. First of all, you as a player must also know how much budget you are going to spend, therefore you as a player must be wise in choosing the amount of bets, but don’t be afraid to lose before trying because in this Koi Gate Slot you can also get various interesting features from This Koi Gate slot, these features make you very profitable when playing agen judi nova88 this Koi Gate slot.

First of all, we must understand the rules that exist in this Koi Gate

The Koi Gate slot has enough rows that are enough to make you profitable, in this slot there are 18 lines that can be played in one slot spin, the second thing that can benefit you next is that your victory is not only seen from the left row but from the right as well. , from this alone, as a player, you must be quite interested because the lines that are paid are from the left and right that make your percentage of getting a higher win.

What is won is a win with the highest win on each line in this Koi Gate Slot, especially if you can win 5 times in a row you will get prizes from the left and right at the same time which are totaled to be many times the total you bet. , your winnings on different lines will be added and multiplied by the number of your bets per line, the maximum win provided by this Koi Gate slot is up to IDR 2,000,000.

Koi Gate has 18 pay lines

The thing that you have to pay attention to is the payment line on this Koi Gate slot, in Koi Gate you can receive 18 payment lines that benefit you, if you can understand all of them, you don’t need to guess bandar slot terbesar you can get on the line contained in the game or not, if you have explored these lines, it will be easier for you to read the payment lines on the screen.

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Koi Gate has a total of 10 payment symbols

Koi Gate has several symbols with different payments and features that can benefit the game and players of course, the biggest prize in this Koi Gate is a dragon symbol, for only IDR 180, – you can get IDR 1,500 which means that it’s almost 10x the total you bet, if you bet with a bigger amount you will also get a pretty big prize too, of course depending on the amount of your bet, the smallest symbol in the Koi Gate is the symbol ‘Q’ and ‘J’ which if you only get 3 lines, you only get no more than 50% of the total you bet, but don’t look at the smallest prize, because with the features provided by Koi judi slot terpercaya you can make small prizes into big prizes.The features provided by the Koi Gate Slot are as follows.

The Koi Gate slot has the advantage of the replay feature

The feature provided by the Koi Gate Slot is the Koi symbol itself, the Koi symbol can replace all symbols, hereby this symbol becomes a wild symbol but the Koi symbol also has other features, if the Koi symbol appears together with the dragon symbol, the Koi symbol will cover other symbols and replace it with a dragon symbol which makes this symbol a very profitable symbol in this Koi Gate Slot.

In addition to these features, there are still other features that are provided by this Koi Gate Slot, namely the re-loop feature, how to get it, namely by getting the Koi symbol back, so the rotation will continue to play without paying, this feature will stop if you get it. The Koi symbol is again on any reel, with the re-spin feature you are very profitable because it doesn’t reduce your balance, even you get a large enough prize after the reel because all prizes will be doubled during the re-spin.

The Koi Gate slot from Habanero is very attractive to Slots players because of its features that are enough to make players interested in playing Koi Gate Slots that already exist on any Online Gambling site.