Hi my boss, this time we want to discuss and provide a little information to all of you who like to play at online soccer betting bookies. You probably all already know what games are on Sbobet. But do you know all the menu functions in Sbobet Agent? Or do you know how to read Market and Kei in every soccer match?

To make it easier to understand, we have provided screenshot images of online gambling bets on Sbobet that you can understand later. Starting with the red box at the top right, you can see the amount of credit or coins in your account. For the record, the balance in an online soccer account is 1: 1000 which means if your balance is 100 = 100,000 IDR. Therefore, for beginners or players who are playing football online for the first time, please pay attention to the nominal number of pairs before confirming the bet.

How to bet online soccer gambling 1

Second Stage You can see the yellow box at the top left of the image, and there are a few menus that you may not know about:

Explanation of the list in the sports book

Below is an explanation of some of the listings marked by us in yellow boxes:

My Bets: In this list you can see how many bets you have placed. If you are confused or forget your bet, you can find it in my betting list.

Statement / Report: In this list, you can see the data of your partner’s record that has been completed, and you can check the matches that you bet win or lose, and in the statement account list, you can view the transaction history up to one week.

Balance / Preference: In this menu, you can calculate the total, the amount of loss, or the number of wins that you have played since you first joined and played agen nova88 at Sbobet Agent.

Announcements / Announcements: In the last menu, you can view reports or events that allow online bookmakers to cancel runs or betting pairs. Because it is possible that when betting on a match there is a problem with bad weather, or there is unrest in the field, the report will be published through this list.

How to read the online soccer gambling market

Now it’s the turn to read the online soccer gambling market. To read Market / Prospects or also Kei, we have provided a dark green box marked with a red arrow and also an orange box with an orange arrow. Starting with a red arrow, in this list you play or bet on only one round, or the match starts in the first 45 minutes of a football match.

Disabled market

Disability is a term in internet soccer gambling. The meaning of these terms is to give an early advantage before the game starts. With the initial advantage, all of you will easily win every match or bet that comes out.

Some of you must not understand it with the intention of the explanation above. To clarify the above understanding, we will describe it by taking the example of the Champions League match, namely between Slavia Prague and Inter Milan. The match took place a few days ago, to be precise on November 28, 2019 at the Sinobo Stadium.

You all know Inter Milan is one of the giant clubs in the Italian League. Especially at this time, Inter Milan was coached by Antonio Conte. Meanwhile, Slavia Praha is an ordinary club whose history has yet to be heard at international level. This is a match that is arguably easy to guess the winner of this match. So, before the match, an online soccer game company puts up a betting bar. To whom is a disability given? Of course for the host position. You could say Slavia Prague hosted the event, especially at For / For from Inter Milan.

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The Voor provides a special attraction here. Because before the match started, Slavia Praha scored an indirect goal. You can imagine, if this match had no betting odds, almost certainly you would all choose Inter Milan. Good?

More than under market

An overbetting bet type that guides us to guess whether the total goal of the match at that time is more (more) or (less) than the handicap. Later every match will have a handicap, we just need to combine it with the type of bet.

How to read the market


For Over / Under games, the bookmaker also provides at least 2 or 3 different markets, for example: 3.0, 3-3.5, 2.5-3.

The following is an explanation of the numbers that we mention in Over & Under:

3.0 = If you have prepared Over, the total number of goals from this match must be at least 4, if you want to win completely. However, if the total number of goals is only 3, then your bet will be drawn, but if the total number of goals scored is only 2, you will lose.

3-3.5 = This means that the dealer opens the market with 3 quarters, meaning that if the total number of goals in this party is only 3, you will lose half of your bet. However, if the number of goals in this match is more than 3, it is certain to win if you bet.

2.5-3 = Regarding this market, this is arguably the lowest, because bookmakers only open markets for more than 2, 3 and a quarter. This means that if the total number of goals in this match is 3, you still win half of your bet, but if the total number of goals in this match is only 2, then you will face a crushing loss on your bet.

Even odd (double even)

As for the odd (odd) and even (double) bet types, these are the most popular among online players today. Why can it be said like this? Because it can be said that this type of bet is also unique and profitable. How does it actually work?

For those of you who are new to the world of online soccer gambling and don’t know how it works, we will explain in detail. The system is very easy, you only need to guess the final result of the match. Whether the end result is even or single.

There is no time line for this bet, as it will refer to 2 x 45 minutes, so the time lost is important. Because, if the last match was blown by the referee. So here is the result of this single bet type. When the final results are obtained, you just have to collect them all. To determine the final result, whether the result is odd or even.

If the score of the match is 0-0 it will result in a draw. There are no draws in this game. Whoever loses or wins.


Like the Slavia Prague and Inter Milan matches some time ago. The match ended with the score Slavia Prague 1-3, Inter Milan. So for the overall total goal, the score is 1 + 3 = 4 (even / double).

Professional Tips:

Don’t underestimate the team under the dog. In fact, they lose value on paper, but not necessarily in the bet they will lose, compared to always Voor – Vooran with their current kei. If there is a high jump from Fur or kei, it allows us to choose this market.