How to Play Baccarat Online to Win Lots

Do you know about the James Bond 007 film that won big in playing baccarat? This is what we will discuss in a moment how to play baccarat properly and correctly to get a real win.

If we know that playing baccarat is indeed an exciting game and the method is relatively easy. In playing baccarat, you can get a very big win.

If you are curious about how to play baccarat? So read this article to the end. And we also want to recommend all of you to play baccarat on the best online gambling site, Bolanaga88. You can get various bonuses for those who just want to join us.

Before you play baccarat there are some rules and steps too. You have to really understand and then you can start betting baccarat in it.

Card Value and How to Play Baccarat

Before getting to the core of our topic about how to play gobola88 baccarat, you must first understand the value of the cards in this baccarat game. Because each type of casino game has different card values.

The ace card has a value of 1.

Cards 10, J, Q, K have a value of 0.

The number cards from 2-9 have corresponding values.

In how to play baccarat it is also quite easy, in general, you are asked to install it in the banker, player, and tie columns. But there are still a few columns that you can place bets on and will also see in a moment.


This column can be installed by the players. The word is two hands divided by the left and right.

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You can install this column if you guess the player and banker results have the same agen sbobet resmi.

Player Pair/Banker Pair

You can place a bet on this column if you guess the results on the player or banker having a pair card or the same value.


In general, in playing baccarat, the city will distribute 2 cards in each hand if the cards that come out are almost natural and natural. If not natural then the city will add 1 additional card. Natural is a pure card value example 8-9.

The winning calculation in playing baccarat is:

  • Player: 1 banding 1
  • Banker: 1 banding 0.95
  • Tie: 1 banding 8

Player pair/Banker Pair: 1 banding 11.

Strategies to Win a Lot When Playing Baccarat

If you already understand how to play baccarat, then you need several strategies in order to win on the bets placed right? We will share some strategies that you can consider when playing baccarat.

In playing baccarat you also need a gambling site that can help you win a lot

Before you place a bet in playing baccarat, read some of the patterns available in the column. So that way you will be able to make choices.

Thus this article we created to help those of you who are still confused about how to play baccarat properly and correctly. Hopefully it can be useful for all of you. Thank you and see you soon.