Id pro QQ spirit idn poker – Good news for everyone as idnplay is back with one new game, qq spirit. The daftaridpro admin tried playing proid and found that the game also worked really well.

Below, we will explain how to play QQ Spirit. You can play as a player or dealer. The QQ Spirit game has tables which are marked as “fixed”. At the “FIXED” table, the player who sits in the bookie seat (top position) becomes the permanent bookie. On the other hand, at a regular table, players become dealers in turn clockwise after three periods, or if the dealer is standing or the dealer balance is insufficient.

How to play

Once the player has been seated, you will need to select the number of coins you wish to bet on the spin.

Once you have decided on your stake, click Confirm Bet to confirm your bet amount. You can use the bet amount for the previous period using the Last Bet button. Only the dewifortunaqq player can choose the bet amount, but the dealer can only follow the bet amount determined by the player.

The player then receives a card. Then you will be given a little time to decide whether to double your bet or keep your stake. Select Double if you want to double your bet, or Hold if you don’t want to double your bet. If you do not select it after it has expired, it will automatically be put on hold. In other words, you will maintain your stake.

You can then choose whether to open cards for your opponent. Select the card you want to show your opponent (the selected card is marked in blue) and select Open Card to show it to your opponent.

If you choose to open one of the cards, you will get another card so that points will be added from the three cards.

Conversely, if you previously chose to cancel or not at all, you do not show your card to your opponent and only play with both cards. You can wait until the time runs out or select View to open the card immediately.

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* If you get a second card and the number of points is 9 (maximum points), you will automatically only play with 2 cards. I can’t get a third card

Winner’s decision In the spirit of QQ, the winner is determined by the highest score. See the example below for a detailed explanation. In this example, the player is marked with a blue agen sbobet terpercaya and the dealer is marked with a red square.

Player wins

If the number of player cards is greater than the dealer’s total, the dealer pays the player’s bet.

The dealer wins

If the number of cards at the dealer is greater than the number of cards in the player, the dealer accepts the bet from that player.

Series-Dealer wins

The dealer always wins if he gets the same score as the player.

Player Q wins

For players with 9 cards, the dealer must pay double the value of the player’s bet.

Q-Dealer Card Wins

The dealer has nine cards and the dealer makes all bets, even if the player scores are high.

Understand dominoes

There are a total of 28 dominoes in each round of the game. The easiest way to remember all cards is to group them into seven series of card types as follows:

A total of 7 cards with 0 (zero) dots, each with a blank face up or down. The cards are:

One dot, six cards total, each with one big dot on top or bottom. The cards are:

2 dots, 5 cards total, with 2 dots on or below each card.

There are 3 (3) dots, 4 cards total, with 3 dots on or below each card.

There are a total of 3 cards, 4 dots, and each card has 4 dots on top or bottom.

There are 5 (5) dots, 2 cards total, with 5 dots on or below each card.

6 (6) dots, only one card has 6 dots on the top or bottom.

That’s the explanation of the QQ spirit game. You can use your ID Pro to play this game and increase your chances of winning. To get a QQ Spirit proid account, make a proid list here. For simplicity, I have attached the following list form.