For Indonesian bettors, especially those who have often played at sbobet providers, of course they are familiar with the terms odd, even, over-under and mix parlay. In today’s online gambling site, many online gambling sites have sprung up, so there are more and more terms about football or soccer gambling itself. On this occasion I will explain the new features in the mobile version of sbobet.

Have you ever tried a new feature on mobile? What are these features? Namely the Treble and the fold. Of course, for lay players (beginners) there are those who still don’t really understand this understanding. It is not familiar to hear the two names, but for this type of game there have been but are rarely played by bettors. Well, because it is rarely played by bettors, the sbobet party made this feature in the mobile version because now all needs and life have moved towards a more (practical) mobility. For those of you who are still confused and curious about these features, here is a summary of the sbobet combo features:


In English Fold means the word fold, close or turn. But in the sbobet game, the fold is a collection of 4 matches selected in the Mix parlay.

Fold in the Mix parlay is a little different than usual because there are more bet options from the match so that the odds of winning are different than usual. For bettors who want to find something that is of greater value, especially if the refund is also very maximum, then the bettor must choose an online soccer betting market with a 4-fold, 5-fold or higher system. The higher your choice of fold betting, the greater the chance of winning

How do you calculate the fold in the mix parlay combo? Here’s an example explanation:

for example, you select only 5 match choices, then the folds will appear up to 5 Folds only, which is where you choose regularly for your five match selections (only 1 bet slip, because it cannot be combined again). All choices must be correct if you want to win by a large amount

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Treble is the number of possible combinations containing 3 different match daftar slot online terpercaya that are randomized from your match selection.

Example of a Treble 10 bet (s). Which means that there are a total of 10 bet slips, the system will randomize possible combinations containing 3 match choices among your 5 choices.

For example, you select match A, match B, match C, match D and match E, then when the bettor ticks the Treble 10 bet (s), the system will randomize it into a combination match A, B, C. There are also A, B, D and so on, up to 10 combinations, each of which has 3 choices of matches randomly from the five you choose.

If the agen sbobet player has selected 10 Treble batches, it means that there are 10 bet slips with 3 different team choices for each. for example the first bet slip, there is a team that is Total Lose, then the first slip is declared losing immediately but not with the 2nd, 3rd to 10th betting slip because it must be adjusted to the status of the respective team betting first.

The purpose of the new features provided by the sbobet agent on this new menu is only to make it easier for players to have more combination choices in placing double bets. Fixed calculation per bet slip, not related to one bet to another. Each bet has its own variations and wins depending on how smart the bettor is in choosing the type of bet you want to play. But behind it all, there are things that determine the victory, namely courage and luck. That is the explanation of the mix parlay combo that has been summarized for all readers. Hopefully this article will be of use to all readers who are looking for the article.