Powerful Techniques To Win Online Slot Gambling Games

Playing online slot gambling is indeed very fun. Slot games are one of the most popular games at the casino. The popularity of slot games will certainly always exist in all casinos in the world. The journey of slots does not just stop at the casino but continues until it can be played online today.

Slots gambling is a game that you can use as a source of additional livelihood. Besides being able to be played anywhere, slot games actually provide a jackpot that really catches my attention so I can discuss this one game.

Slots are indeed easy to play. But if you are an old slot player, you certainly know the difference between jackpots at regular casinos and online casinos. The regular jackpot casino offered is not as big as an online casino . The reason is because at online casinos the coverage of people who play can be more than ordinary casinos.

The Most Lucky Online Slot Gambling Techniques

Of course you also need information about playing slot game techniques right? You really need information about playing techniques. Because as you know this game requires patience and skill to be successful in playing it. Then what are the technical techniques? Let us discuss one by one below.

  • Preparing Sufficient Playing Capital Sufficient capital is one of the most important things to be able to win online slot gambling games. Capital preparation should be sufficient. You also have to limit your capital every day. Because as we know this game is a game that requires experience and luck. So basically this capital limitation is so that you are not greedy and greedy when playing online slots.
  • Knowing the Boundaries is the most important slot gameplay thing that every gambler should have. Both professional and novice gamblers should know their respective limits. This limitation is not only about the maximum deposit limit but also the maximum withdrawal limit. Just like what was said above, this limitation is useful so that you are not greedy. In addition, this is also useful to keep you from being provoked by the heat of the game later. The most important thing is that you have to know to what extent you experience both defeat and victory.
  • Clever Seeing Opportunities Of course, when you play slots you also have to pay attention to your odds. Whether you are lucky or not. There are plenty of gamblers out there who are always playing and pushing their will even though they might be having a bad luck. When you are going to play slots try to play on machines that you rarely find at other online casinos. Also try to find out which machines are the easiest to win. Because as I said before, slot games require luck.
  • Play Switch Move If you are a fan of slot gambling games. The most important thing is to know which machines are hockey, of course you should try moving machines right? This is normal and you should do it. Apart from moving around, you also have to keep honing your patience. Patience is the key to the success of gamblers in winning online slot gambling games.

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Guide to Play Online Gambling Game BandarQ Basic Rules, Tips, & Trick

In this technological era, online gambling is preferable to gambling enthusiasts because of the high adrenaline drive it offers. That’s why online gambling has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years. As a gambler, you also get a better experience than a land-based casino game with a thrilling and fun feel.

Nowadays, by considering a substantial profitable online gambling game, the most familiar and popular game is BandarQ, especially Indonesia. BandarQ is an online gambling poker game adopted from the domino game that uses dominoes as a tool to play. All ages of people can easily play the BandarQ game.

In addition to having significant advantages, it is enabled you to provides different sensation offers. To learn more profitable offers of BandarQ, you can see website gambling online, where you can find most reliable and profitable advantage to earn real money every day.

Part-1: The Basic Way to Play BandarQ Online

BandarQ gambling games are simple, understandable online poker games that are very easy for you to play and easy to win. Generally, it is played by two players situs judi poker terbaik up to 8 players maximum in BandarQ game table, where are played using 28 dominoes. The first goal is that you are required to determine the playing positions which you want to occupy later.

Actually, when you determine the city as a playing position, then you can start the game. In this game, the highest card value is 9, a gambler required to deal with two cards to get the winning combination value. Every player gets the opportunity to occupy the deserve position of the city by spending enough chips. The player who will get a card that average value is 9, they get 2x times bets winning reward.

Part-2: How to Win Tips and Tricks Easily Implement BandarQ Gambling

Conserve the Large Capital:
Although the BandarQ game is understandable easy, the winning strategy is a bit tricky. Firstly, you should prepare with a large capital that helps to win better. Actually, in this game, the most stunning point is to become a dealer, which is able to bring lots of money. So it would be best if you kept enough chips to give nominal chips on the table.

Moreover, if you have a substantial chip, you will become a dealer, which means your winning potentiality will increase. A dealer play the BandarQ game with eight players; that’s the result you can get enormous profits from the player. When you compare the winning potentiality between player and dealer, undoubtedly dealer.

Observe the luck of the city:
Whereas the BandarQ is an intellectual game, but every gambling game depends on luck. You can also get the opportunity to win the game by relying on your chance if you have no fantastic technic. But you must require observation power to inspect yours around the gaming environment.

In the context, you should avoid playing the table, where the dealer has a high fortune. Because it will increase your losing possibility massively. That’s why when you will determine the table with a city, you should select a table where has inside less fortunate dealer. It is actually a most suitable trick for playing the BandarQ game that is used most of the professional gambler.

Patiently & Calmly Betting and Switching Tables

If you want to earn substantial money by playing any type of online gambling game, you must play smartly; that’s means you should play with calmly and patiently. To keep your winning chance continuously there is no other option without it. If you kept betting by provoking emotion, you could suffer losing problem randomly.

Therefore, you should play this game with patience so that you can make improve your capital multiply, and the chances of winning are consistent. When you continuously complete this task, switch small tables to the enormous table to generate more money.


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Seeking Profits From Playing Online Slot Game Gambling

Playing online gambling games today is very fun and cool because this game continues to develop from how to play it to how to play it, because people nowadays really like online gambling games because this activity gives huge results, the type of gambling game that we can play online. now very much like online poker, online football, online cockfighting and the most phenomenal lately is online slot games.

The real slot game game is not a new game available on online gambling sites, but gambling lovers have just realized the advantages of this game. This game that is very easy to play and also provides a large fee has attracted gambling lovers to play this game.

However, for readers who are not familiar with this game, we will provide several reasons why this game can become a new phenomenon among gambling players in this article.

The advantages of online slot games compared to other games

We will give several reasons why online slot game games are more profitable compared to other online gambling games, the reasons include:

  • Providing a Big Jackpot The advantage of this game compared to other gambling games is that the jackpots provided are the biggest jackpots compared to other games and the jackpots in this game are very easy to get when compared to other games.
  • Fast Game Spin Another advantage of other slot game games is that the game rounds are done very quickly, so if we want to get fast and big results we should play slot games, because this game only takes less than 1 minute to complete 1 round. game.
  • The availability of the Free Spins Bonus. We can play this game without using any capital at all, because nowadays many slot game game provider sites provide free spins or special free play for this game. So we don’t have to spend money if we want to play.
  • Cheap Playing Capital To be able to play this game we don’t need to spend very large capital, aka this game only requires very little capital if you want to play, in contrast to other online gambling games that require us to spend large amounts of capital.
  • Many Sites That Provide These Games judi slot online Another advantage of slot game games is that it is easy to find sites that provide this game because this game is very popular, so there are many sites that want to provide this game.
  • Far Away From Settings The slot game game can be said to be a game where there are at least possible settings or settings when playing, because how could this game be arranged if very many people play it.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Slot Game Games

In slot game games, it is very easy to win the game, but if we cannot manage our finances then it is certain that all our efforts will be in vain, for that we will share some tips so that we can maximize the results of our games, these tips include are:

  • Withdrawing Funds Periodically When playing, try to always withdraw funds regularly if we have won, this is so that we can maintain the limits of what we can accept.
  • Setting Winning Targets Before we play we should first set our playing targets and we recommend that we set realistic and reasonable targets, we should set a winning target of 2x from our total deposit, and for the target to lose is half of our playing capital.
  • Choosing Slots With Many Jackpots To choose a slot game, we should choose a slot game that has a lot of jackpots, it is intended that if we get the jackpot we will get maximum results.

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How To Play Bandar Poker Gambling Correctly

Sakong gambling is one type of game provided by one of the biggest servers in Indonesia, namely the IDN server. Servers that are very well known for the famous games that are served are of course always the main choice nowadays for all gambling lovers. Lately there has been a game that is experiencing an increase in popularity again because this game is very easy to play and win, the game is a poker bookie game, a game that was issued by IDN in early 2019 and immediately managed to steal the attention of gambling lovers because of the way to play bookie gambling. very unique poker.

Indeed, the poker bookie game is very easy to play and also win, but to be able to win this game is not as easy as we imagine. This game requires high concentration and perseverance because this game is not just placing online bets and hoping to win, we need tactics and tricks in playing. In this article we will share some poker bookmaking tips and ways to win in this game.

How to Play Bandar Poker Gambling to Win Consistently

The way to play poker bookies is indeed a little unique and very different when compared to the general poker game we know, because there are fewer card sets used when compared to poker as we know it. In this game there are several ways that we can win consistently, including:

  • Playing by making ourselves a dealer. The goal of the bookie poker game is that the players must be able to beat the dealer, where the position of the dealer will be obtained alternately provided that the person who gets the bookie turn must meet several requirements. Most people when playing this game are still wrong in placing their position, most of them avoid poker 777 online the position of being a dealer, which is clearly more profitable than us being a player because, most of them feel that if they become a dealer, they will pay huge funds if they lose. Even though in a presentation the number of bookies wins is better than being a player. So don’t ever avoid being a dealer when playing this game.
  • Placing Bets that Don’t Make Sense When Becoming a Player When becoming a player, most people often place bets carelessly, in every game we should always maintain our financial management so that we don’t lose in vain. We recommend that before placing a bet we think carefully and don’t place carelessly.
  • Playing by Moving Tables When playing a poker bookie we should regularly play by moving – moving tables, it’s best if we have played and won 3 times in a row or lost 3 times in a row we do the trick of switching tables, this can help us because believe it or not this really helps us to win the next game.

Reasons Why You Should Play Bandar Poker on IDN

It is true that poker dealer games are only available on the IDN site, but there are other reasons why we should play on the IDN site, these reasons include:

  • Guaranteed Security The first reason why we have to play on IDN sites is because IDN sites are the safest sites so far, this is certainly not just a figment, because this site has collaborated with security service providers who are the most up-to-date in the security system.
  • Fast Transaction IDN sites have very good and consistent transaction speeds, of course this is intended so that players who want to play on this site don’t have to wait a long time, of course things like this will only be found on the IDN site.
  • Fair Play The IDN site is also very famous for its servers with the most fair play, the fact is that we won’t find robots or admins in the poker dealer game that plays. There is no regulation in any form of victory or defeat.
  • Certainly Paid Funds All the winnings we get in IDN will definitely be paid as long as the winnings do not violate the rules that apply on the IDN Site.

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Tips for Winning Online Over Under Bets

Almost all of us certainly have an interest in online soccer betting, right? This type of bet has a fairly wide market of enthusiasts. Because basically the type of ball sport itself is indeed in great demand by almost everyone in this world. Surely it would be great when the thing we like can become a very productive land for us, right?

If we discuss land of income, of course we know that over under is a type of soccer bet that is quite popular with soccer gambling bettors. This type of market is actually easy and difficult to win. But if you already know how to bet the right trick, you will always win this soccer bet easily.

Tips for Winning Online Over Under Bets

Although this type of online football betting on the over under market is quite attractive to bettors, many of them still experience losses when playing it. Therefore, as an information medium, we are also interested in sharing some specific tips that we have summarized to help you maximize your profits on this betting market.

– Analyzing the number of goals in each match

As a soccer gambling bettor, of course, we always have our own data analysis or calculations. But it would be nice before we start betting based on the data we have, we must first analyze the average number of goals that are contained in each league.

For example, in the Spanish league division where the average goal rate is at the lowest point, which is 1.7 for each goal. Of course, the average value will greatly affect the data that you have previously analyzed and you have to take it back into account.

– Choose the Action That Has the Most Appropriate Odds

Odds are the most important part of betting over under. Everyone has their Situs Sbobet Online own judgment and preference regarding the odds value. But in our opinion before you choose the odds that suit you. Try to understand first how to read the odds correctly.

For example, 1.45 3.50 7.00 at these odds the home or home team scores over 2 goals. And you can see what the chances of winning the two teams are when you see the odds. In addition, the fur system also affects the odds you have previously chosen.

– Bet on Minutes 60 to 65

Betting in the 60th to 65th minute is one of the most efficient ways to do it. Because at that time you can easily see the possibility of winning the team well. Because at that time you can already see the chance of the team winning from the first half.

In the 60th to 65th minutes, generally the odds over under will change on average ½ to ¾. At this time, if the team you favor is in a losing position, you can bet over immediately. Because at this time usually the team you favorite will start playing on fire so the possibility of victory will be high.


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Maximizing the Benefits of Shooting Fish Gambling in the Following Way

Playing gambling is indeed very diverse now because of the increasingly advanced times and the easier it is for you connoisseurs of gambling, even now playing gambling can be played online and can be done at any time. In addition to the increasingly diverse ways to play, the types of stakes are also very diverse, such as online poker gambling games, online dominoQQ, online shooting fish (shooting fish) and many other types of bets.

Of all the types of bets that can currently be played, the shooting fish bet is one of the types of bets currently played most often by online gambling players. This is not surprising, considering that this type of bet can provide a huge advantage if you play it correctly and correctly.

In this article, we will share with you how to play this bet correctly so that you can get the most out of this bet.

How to Get Maximum Results of Shooting Fish Gambling

Here’s how you should do when playing fish shooting gambling so you can get maximum results.

  • Choose the nearest fish.
    The first way you have to do is to target the fish that are joker123 closest to you. This is very important because you will be able to beat the fish that are close to you easily.
  • Focus While Playing
    The next thing you have to do when playing is to focus on shooting the fish that appear. You should always do this method because if you shoot at random – as long as it is very unlikely you will get an advantage.
  • Use the Right Weapon The
    next way you have to do if you want to get maximum results is by using the right and correct weapon. Because in this bet you will be given a large selection of weapons that you are free to use. But you have to remember that every shot of this weapon has a price you have to pay. The stronger the weapon, the more expensive the price to pay, so use existing weapons wisely.
  • Shoot Jackpot Fish If Possible
    In this game you will be presented with a challenge where if you succeed in beating the challenge you will get a very large prize. The challenge is to beat the big fish which is commonly known as the jackpot fish. Jackpot fish itself has several types and several sizes. But there is one thing you need to remember, if the fish appears on your screen, don’t waste the opportunity and immediately take aim at this fish. If you beat him you will get a huge payoff.
  • Stop Playing When You Have Reached the Target
    The last way you have to remember if you want to get maximum results is not to satisfy yourself when playing. Stop playing when you have reached the target you set, and don’t be greedy.

Other Factors That Are Not Less Important When Playing

Apart from the method above, there are also other factors that are important to be able to get maximum results in betting on this one.

  • Emotional State
    The first factor that matters is your emotional state while playing. The higher your emotional level, you should leave this one bet. Because this is very dangerous if you play this bet in an emotional state, you definitely won’t be able to think clearly and can’t carry out all the plans that you have compiled.
  • Internet Network Conditions
    next factor that is no less important to be able to win in this bet is the network conditions used. We recommend that you play when the network conditions are good or at least stable. Because if you play in a network condition that doesn’t support it, then it is certain that all the plans you think of will not run smoothly.

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Master the Following Things to Win Online Baccarat Gambling

Online baccarat gambling is one of the many gambling games that are currently popular. This one activity has become very popular because many people want to make a profit in this game.

It is not surprising that this bet is one of the choices of gambling players to play, because indeed from this one bet it is very easy to understand and very easy to play. So a lot of people are competing to play this one bet.

But to be able to win on this bet, you have to master several things in order to get the maximum benefit from this bet. Because if you don’t master some of these things, we think you will have a little trouble winning this bet. On this occasion we will share with you what things you should master first, so that you can win on this one bet in the article below.

Things that must be mastered when playing online baccarat gambling

The following are things that you must master in the online baccarat gambling game. You must master the following, so you can win a lot on this one bet.

  • Mastering the Rules and How to Play
    The first thing you have to master and also one of the most important things for you to master is of course the rules and how to play them. Because how can you win this bet if you don’t master the rules and how to play them.
  • Mastering Playing Tactics
    The next thing that you must master so that you can win on this one bet is that you must master playing tactics. Because in this one bet there are many tactics that you can use to play, such as how to read playing history, which bet is the most profitable in the bet or when is the best time for you to double your bet when playing.
  • Mastering Emotions While Playing
    The next thing that you must master in this bet is to master the emotions in the game. This is also one of the most important things Judi Online Baccarat because if when you play you can’t control your emotions, it is certain that all your playing capital will never develop and surely you can never win on this one bet.
  • Mastery of Patience in Determining Bets The
    last thing you must master in this bet is patience in determining bets and the value of bets that must be placed, this is also very important in this bet, because if you cannot master patience in yourself and place bets in a hurry – hurry then this is very dangerous.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Playing

In addition to the mastery above, you must have the following in order to win bets in this game. The thing that is very important for you to know, namely about things you should not do in this one bet in order to win, among others:

  • Not Having Satisfaction When Playing
    The first thing you shouldn’t do in order to win on this one bet is not to have a sense of satisfaction when betting. This has often become a frightening specter of online gambling players, because no matter how much you win while playing it will definitely run out soon if you don’t have a sense of satisfaction.
  • Place Bets Originally
    The next thing you should never do if you want to win in this one activity is to avoid placing bets carelessly, because in this one bet everything can be thought of using logic and careful observation.

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The Most Popular Casino Gambling Games In 2020

We all certainly realize that online gambling itself is one of the best solutions to be able to reap additional benefits easily and of course quickly. Apart from that, in addition to the increasing trade competition which is quite tight nowadays, many entrepreneurs are turning to finding a way out of their problems by trying to play online casino gambling games.

Casino games themselves are actually very easy for bettors to play. Moreover, some of us certainly have the same passion for casino games. But sometimes we still have a little difficulty in winning casino gambling because we still find it difficult to choose the game that suits us best.

The Most Popular Types of Casino Gambling Games

Of course, to be able to reap more benefits in this casino gambling game, we need several references. Especially references from gambling games that are easiest to try. Because for some bettors who are beginners, they feel a little difficult in determining the game they should try. Here are some references to the most played casino games in 2020:

– Baccarat

Baccarat itself is a type of casino game that is much favored by online gambling bettors. This game itself has a game system that is relatively easy and of course profitable for you to try. But in playing the baccarat gambling game, you will need some special tricks to play it.

Because basically the baccarat gambling game Agen Live Casino itself has a winning ratio of 50 to 50. The baccarat game itself is played using playing cards and in this game there is a player banker system which is the main characteristic of the baccarat game.

– Sicbo

Sicbo itself is a type of dice betting game that is much in demand by bettors. Almost the same as the baccarat sicbo gambling game itself, it is quite a lot played by bettors. Sicbo itself is played using 3 dice and as players we can bet on several types of bets.

The types of bets that you can apply in this game itself are odd / even, multiple dice, small and large and there are many other types of bets that you can try in this Sicbo gambling game.

– Roulette

The third game is a type of roulette game. We certainly know about this type of game, right? This game itself is one type of game that is quite profitable for you to try. In this game itself, you can make bets by choosing which numbers will be the target and you can bet small and big or red or black in this roulette game.

– Slots

Slot gambling itself is indeed one of the hallmarks of a casino. This game itself is also widely played by bettors because basically this game system is easy enough for beginners to learn and play. Not only that, this game itself also has a jackpot system that makes many bettors interested in playing it.

Tips for Playing Casino Gambling

Even though there are still a lot of popular casino gambling games out there, the four games above are one of the major game lines that are now in great demand in online casinos. But of course, to be able to reap more benefits from the games above, you must apply the following tips:

– Play the Fold Bet

Betting fold is one of the best ways you can apply when playing casino gambling. This method is classified as powerful in helping you easily reap additional benefits.

– Understand the Game Before Playing It

Before you try a game, try to understand the basic basics of the game you are going to play first. this is very important for bettors so that later you can easily determine the most suitable choice.


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Benefits of Joining the Most Trusted Online AduQ Agent 2020

Have you joined a trusted online aduq agent in 2020? Of course, not all people join the aduq agent. Because there are still many people who do not know about the benefits obtained from aduq agents. If you already know about the benefits that can be obtained. It is certain that you will join the aduq agent. Because the benefits provided are very satisfying to you. However, as we know that gambling in Indonesia is still in the category of illegal things. So there are still many people who are afraid of being caught up in the law because they join an aduq agent.

But the thing you have to know is to join an aduq agent, you don’t need to be afraid of being arrested. Because the security of all your data has been maintained with a high level program. So your data will not be spread outside the aduq agent area. It’s not just security benefits to be had. you can also get benefits in the form of money, play comfort and fun. Therefore you must listen to our review below about the benefits of joining a aduq agent.

Various Advantages Of AduQ Online Agent

For those of you who have not joined the online aduq agent, then you must listen to our article this time. By listening to this article, you can make a aduq consideration whether to join an aduq agent or not. As we know, Indonesia is still exposed to the corona virus. Which is where some people in Indonesia cannot make money. So it doesn’t hurt for you to try to join the aduq agent. As long as it can provide benefits to you.

Everyone must be aiming for profit in various ways. So there is nothing wrong with entering the aduq agent into the list of places to make money.

The following are the various advantages of an aduq agent, including the following:

100% guaranteed security
The first advantage is that the security is guaranteed to be 100%. As we know that aduq agent uses a high level security system. So you don’t need to hesitate or fear the spread of personal data. With this high level of security, you cannot be tracked by the cyber team from the police. And of course you can play calmly without any risk.

Extra money
The next advantage is additional money. As we know that aduq agents can provide us with additional cash benefits. However, that additional money can only be obtained if you can win while playing. And to achieve this victory, we recommend that you read articles about playing techniques. Don’t let you play carelessly, because this can lead to defeat.

Entertainment in his spare time
The third advantage that you can get when joining a aduq agent is entertainment in your spare time. Many players join aduq agents just to find entertainment in their spare time. However, it is well known that aduq agents provide entertainment as well as a place to make money. It could be said that we joined the aduq agent for fun with prizes. Get entertainment at the same time earn money.

Profitable bonus promo
The last advantage is a very profitable bonus promo. Like the bonuses we often know, namely turnover bonuses and referral bonuses. Both of these bonuses have their respective advantages. Starting from the turnover bonus that you can get when you are playing and generate turnover. As for the referral bonus, you don’t need to shell out to get it. It is enough to invite friends or do promotions on social media. So that there are players who join the aduq agent by using your reference code.


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Player Constraints on Credit Deposits at Online Poker Agents

Did you know that now online poker agents provide transactions via credit? Of course, you all know this, because there are already so many enthusiasts of transactions via credit. This is due to the ease of topping up from the counter, or sending credit from a personal cellphone. Therefore, credit transactions are very booming in Indonesia. All groups so they can try to play gambling at the best poker agent. And almost all gambling players in Indonesia make credit deposits.

However, did you know that players who deposit credit often encounter problems when depositing? For those of you who often make credit deposits, surely you often encounter problems. Which is where these obstacles make your credit balance unable to be processed by the poker agent. And of course you will be confused when the credit cannot be processed. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the problems with credit deposit and how to overcome them. Please refer to our review below.

Constraints on Credit Deposits at Online Poker Agents that Often Occur

When you deposit credit at an online poker agent, it is certain that you have experienced things such as credit not being processed or being processed after 1 x 24 hours. Do you know the cause of this? For some players, they must know the cause of these obstacles. So please refer to our review below to make it even clearer.

Serial Number didn’t come
The first problem and what often happens is that the serial number does not come. When the Telkomsel or XL operator is in trouble. Usually the serial number or SN will not enter the destination number or the city number. So it will slow down your credit deposit transaction.

Serial Number is different
The next obstacle is a different serial number. You must often experience different serial numbers. Usually this is caused by a credit agent who is not registered at the Telkomsel or XL operator center. And this different SN will prevent your credit transaction from being processed.

Send pulses at random
The third obstacle is sending pulses at random. Usually, each poker agent has determined the destination number for the credit deposit for the members. However, there are still players who send credit to different destination numbers. Even though the destination number still belongs to the poker agent. However, it makes your credit process slower to process.

How to Overcome Credit Deposit Constraints at Poker Agents

After knowing the obstacles, now is the poker99 deposit pulsa time for you to know how to overcome them. Please refer to the review below on how to overcome the problem of depositing credit at a poker agent. The following are a number of ways to overcome the problem of depositing credit so that it is processed, including:

Ask for the serial number to the counter
The first most important way is to ask the serial number to the counter. When you load credit at the counter, then you have to ask for the SN number. You can just ask for the SN number or take a photo of the SN. It would be better if you photograph the SN number to make it clearer.

Confirm the destination number before topping up
The second way is to confirm the credit deposit destination number. Before you send the credit, you should first confirm the deposit destination number. So that your credit deposit can be processed quickly and if the Sn is different. The poker agent can match the credit recharging time.


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How to Win Gambling Shoot Fish With Small Capital

Who is a connoisseur of gambling games who doesn’t know the fish shooting gambling game? Surely all players must know this one bet. Of course this should come as no surprise considering that this bet is indeed at its peak of popularity. This one game does have its own uniqueness when compared to other online betting, one of which is the appearance you have. This one game has the appearance of a video game so it’s fun to play it.

Apart from the appearance which is the main attraction of this online gambling game, there is another attraction of this game. Especially if it’s not the easy way to play and the benefits that can be obtained from this bet. If you do the calculations carefully, you will find a fact that playing this bet is very profitable.

It must have crossed your mind whether you can make a big profit from this bet with a small capital? Of course the answer here is yes. This can be done provided your notes are playing in the right and proper way. We will try to share with you and discuss thoroughly about how to play shooting fish properly. Besides that, what is the right way to be able to get big from this bet with a small capital.

How to get big profit by shooting fish from small capital

In the following, we will share with you tips and methods that you can use when playing gambling shooting fish with only a small amount of capital, namely:

  • Understand the Use of Existing Weapons The first thing you have to make sure when playing this bet with limited capital is to understand the usefulness of existing weapons. This is very important because in fish shooting games there are lots of weapons that can be used. Here you have to understand how much you have to pay each time you shoot. Use each shot wisely.
  • Focus on 1 Target Only The next thing that should be your concern when playing is to focus on the target you are aiming for. When shooting, you have to focus on shooting just 1 fish, don’t shoot the fish randomly because of limited capital.
  • Choose the closest fish. The following tips that you can joker123 deposit pulsa use when playing is to choose the fish that is closest to you. This is very useful for avoiding wasted shots while playing. Of course this method is very effective and not risky.
  • Choose Jackpot Fish The following tips that are very useful for you when playing are to choose jackpot fish. Of course there is a note that you must remember, that jackpot fish are usually hard to beat. But why do we advise you to shoot the jackpot fish? This is because if you are lucky you can get a large fee with a small capital.
  • Learn to Use the Right Timing. The last tip that you can use to play is to learn to use timing to shoot your opponent’s fish. This method does seem dirty and cheating, but in this bet everything is okay. This method does require an accurate calculation but is very effective in multiplying your capital money.

Why You Should Play Shoot Fish?

In the following, we will also try to share the reasons why you have to play this bet, why not online baccarat gambling or something? These reasons, namely:

  • Affordable Capital One of the main reasons why you should play this bet is none other than the very affordable play capital. This game is already very well known as an online betting game with the cheapest capital.
  • Big Jackpot As we discussed above, this game provides a jackpot system. Even the fish shooting jackpot is the biggest online gambling jackpot.
  • Easy to Find The last reason why you have to play this bet is that it is very easy to find online gambling sites that provide this game. So to get rich from online betting is getting easier. Usually this game is available at online casino gambling agents.

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5 Steps To Get Rich From Soccer Gambling

Playing soccer gambling is one of the activities that is currently the most powerful and fast way to get wealth in a short time. To do this activity is even easier because it can be done online anywhere, so you can also play at any time. The types of bets provided by online soccer agents also vary widely and all you can play with just one account. So it is not surprising that more and more people are playing this bet.

To get wealth from this game is certainly not something that can be said to be easy, but it also does not mean that it is very difficult to do. You have to prepare a few things and also you have to know how this game works.

On this occasion we will discuss 5 things you must do to get rich from soccer betting. Hopefully after you read our article this time it can help you to get the maximum benefit from this bet.

Tips to Get Rich Quick From Soccer Gambling

Here are tips and steps that can help you get rich quick from soccer gambling, namely:

  • Update Your Knowledge About Football News The first step you must take in order to get rich from soccer betting is to keep updating your football knowledge. This step is important because you can find out the information and strengths of the teams that are competing, so you can choose the right team. Because in this bet information is very valuable.
  • Be Careful When Choosing a Match The next tip that can help you get rich quick from this bet is accuracy when choosing a match. As how we know that there are many matches in this bet, so you have to be careful in choosing. Choose matches with reasonable and achievable odds.
  • Know What You Shouldn’t Do When Playing The third tip that can help you get a win from this bet is to know what things to avoid while playing. Many players fail when playing because they are not aware of and understand the restrictions that should not be done while playing. Learn this so that you can win [Read also: The reason you failed the soccer bet ].
  • Place Bets At The Right Time The next thing that can agen judi bola make you rich from this bet is knowing when to place the right bet. This one thing is very important, because if you post at the wrong time you will experience significant losses. One example of installation time is when the match has started, because usually you will be charged a large interest.
  • Stop when you reach the target The last thing that can help you to get rich from this bet is to stop playing when the target is met. It is highly recommended for you to set the targets you want to achieve before playing. Set sensible targets and stick to all of your targets.

Why from the game of football?

Maybe there are still some of you who are wondering why it should be from ball games? Even though there are still many other bets that can be played, such as pocket gambling, fish shooting gambling and so on. In the following, we will explain the reasons why you have to play this gambling, namely:

  • Fairplay The first reason why you should play this bet is of course because the game is provided very fairplay. With fairplay that is in this game, so all the matches you play are far from rigging and cheating. There is no way there is one person in this world who can manage the course of a match.
  • There is a bonus when playing online. The reason you have to play this bet online is the bonus system provided. You can get this if you play this bet online. So it is not wrong if we recommend that you play online soccer gambling. Because the online ball bonus is so large that you can multiply your profits.

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Know This First If Want To Win Capsa Gambling

Playing gambling is certainly not complete if you don’t play the capsa gambling game. A gambling game that you may have played or at least have heard of. One type of playing card game on this one is indeed very well known and favored by card gambling fans. The reason why this gambling is very popular is because to be able to win capsa gambling is not easy, so it can create a very exciting game.

In the capsa bet, to be able to win you must have expertise and experience, so it cannot be played carelessly. But for people who have fulfilled all these aspects, they will get a bigger chance to win.

To be able to produce consistent wins from this bet requires deep practice. However, to be able to achieve all of these things, there are a number of things that you must know first so that you don’t make mistakes when playing.

In the following, we will explain to you what things you must know in advance so that your victory is perfect. Let’s study together these things below, namely:

Must Know This To Win Capsa Gambling

  • Card Arrangement The first thing that you must know and understand from this bet in order to win capsa gambling. In this bet, the person who can win is the person who is able to maximize the hand to be the best. For that you are obliged to know the arrangement of the cards so that there are no mistakes when arranging cards. It is impossible for you to do that if you are not good at the card arrangement.
  • How to Calculate Card Value Still related to the arrangement of cards, the next thing you have to master in order to win is how to calculate the card value. The way to calculate the value on the card here is that you have to know which card level has the strongest to the weakest card value.
  • Calculating Bet Value Unlike most other gambling games, the capsa gambling game is unique in the value of the bet placed. When in poker or other gambling bets, you are required to place your bet value first, but not for capsa gambling. In capsa gambling, you have to agen capsa susun play first and then pay the bet value. For this reason, you are required to be able to calculate the value of the card so that you can calculate the winnings you get or the losses that must be paid.
  • Understand the Terms in the Game It is mandatory for you to master next is to understand all the terms in the game. You must know this because in the capsa game there are many terms that new players might hear very strange. One example is like going around which means your hand is able to beat all the players there. For that you should master all these terms.

The reason for betting on this one you must play

After discussing the things that you must be good at in this game, surely you are also wondering what is the reason for playing this bet. In the following, we will explain the main reasons why you should play this bet, namely:

  • Now It Is Easier To Play The first reason why you are obliged to play this bet once, is because to be able to play this bet is getting easier. Where now this bet can be played online which means you can play this bet anywhere. To be able to play online is also easy, you only need to prepare playing equipment such as a smartphone or computer. So we don’t think it’s an exaggeration to suggest that you try to play the capsa bet or you can try online capsa betting.
  • Payments that can be obtained are very large. The next reason why you have to play this bet is that the payouts that can be obtained are very large. The payout that can be obtained from capsa gambling is one of the biggest from other bets, of course the results depend on how you play.

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5 Reasons Why You Always Fail In The Game Of Soccer Gambling

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today, with approximately 7,751,050,620 people on earth, 80% of whom must really like this one sport. And there is a figure that 65% of football enthusiasts definitely play soccer gambling. Seeing such high numbers is not surprising because this game is indeed very profitable and is also able to provide invaluable satisfaction.

But for some people who play this game, not everyone can enjoy the sweetness of victory. This can happen because most of them ignore several things, so they still lose this game. On this occasion we will share some of the mistakes that resulted in these people or maybe you never tasted the sweetness of winning in this game.

The Cause You Always Lose In The Game Of Soccer Gambling

When playing, we should know what causes us to lose in soccer gambling. It is intended that you can avoid this, the causes include:

Lack of Football Knowledge

The first reason why you still lose in the game of soccer is your lack of knowledge in this sport. Even though in this gambling game knowledge is needed. Because with a lot of football knowledge you can analyze and find out the strengths of a team.

Too Fond of playing in the big leagues

The next reason why you always fail in this game is that you are too fond of playing in the big leagues. Playing in the big leagues is very fragile and it is difficult for you to guess because in the big leagues all the forces that play are very balanced on all fronts. So you will definitely have a hard time guessing.

Less Understanding of the Types of Bets Provided

The next factor that causes you to often lose when playing soccer gambling is a lack of understanding of the types of bets that have been provided. This is very unfortunate if you play without understanding the types of bets available, because you can get a huge profit if you understand the available bets.

Placing Bets that Don’t Make Reasonable Value

Most people place bets on this type of gambling game with numbers that don’t make sense. Because they are very confident that the team they choose will win. This method is highly discouraged, you should not do this, all the bets that you place must be calculated and don’t be too confident.

Installing Too Many Matches

The final factor in why you can never succeed judi bola terpercaya in this game is that you put up too many matches, so you can’t focus on choosing the team that will win. We recommend that you play with a maximum of the best 5 matches that you can predict.

Prepare the following before starting to play

After you know what things are the scourge of defeat for many people, you should also prepare a few things before starting to play so that you can reap the maximum win from the game. These preparations include:

Physical Preparation

Before starting to play, you should first prepare your body physically. This is so that you can concentrate and focus on choosing the team that will play.

Preparing Sufficient Capital

The next step you should also prepare capital that will be used to play. It is better if the capital that you will use is funds that are not used for daily needs, don’t force yourself to play until you ignore this.

Determining the League to be Played

After you have completed the first and second steps, the last step is that you have to choose which league you will play. We suggest you play minor league or the language in the game is worm league.

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Knowing the reasons people prefer DominoQQ online gambling

Who is the person in Indonesia who does not know and know about this gambling game using domino cards or maybe the community is more familiar with dominoqq games. As one of the games that has the most players, it is certainly familiar to all of you, because this game has very often occupied all of you when you gather with friends. Plus now that the DominoQQ game can be played online, it is certain that more people choose to play DominoQQ online gambling compared to conventional dominoqq.

In the following, we will give you the reasons in this article about why people prefer to play DominoQQ gambling online when compared to playing conventional dominoqq.

Reasons for Players Prefer to Play DominoQQ Online Gambling

The following are the reasons why people choose to play DominoQQ online gambling when compared to conventional dominoqq, namely:

Can be Played Anytime
The first reason why people prefer to play online gambling is because this game can be played at any time. Because playing online gambling can be done for 24 hours because online gambling agents now operate 24 hours non-stop.

Can be Played Anywhere
Playing dominoqq online is also more of a choice because it can be played anywhere, because you only need to prepare capital in the form of a smartphone or computer network that has an internet connection, you can immediately play on the trusted online gambling site of your choice.

Easy and Safe Transactions
The next reason why people prefer to play domino online is the easy transactions, one of these things that makes people very fond of playing dominoqq online. All transactions made in this game are done online and are very easy. Because most trusted online gambling agents provide various options for transactions such as deposits from bank accounts, credit deposits and many other types of deposits.

Affordable Deposits
The next reason people play DominoQQ online is that the available deposits are very cheap and affordable. Because usually to be able to play on conventional DominoQQ you have to bring a decent capital ranging from IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 2,000,000, then you can play calmly. Unlike the online DominoQQ game, you only need to make a minimum deposit of IDR 10,000 – IDR 20,000 depending on the agent you play with.

Are Always Available Another reason why online DominoQQ games are more popular is the availability of opponents to play with. This is sometimes an obstacle that is often encountered when playing DominoQQ conventionally when the opponent who is going to be invited to play is not there so the game cannot be carried out.

Advantages of Playing DominoQQ Online

After you know what reasons online gambling domino online terpercaya players prefer to play online, of course there are other reasons that cause these players to play online. Namely the advantages that can be obtained when playing online, these advantages include:

  • Provided a Bonus System
    The first advantage of the online DominoQQ game is the availability of a bonus system which is considered sufficient to provide enormous benefits to online gambling players.
  • Jackpot System Available
    In the online DominoQQ game, there is also a jackpot system that can help players get enormous extra profits. The jackpots that are available are usually also very easy to get.
  • Fair Play
    The last advantage when playing dominoqq online is that the games provided are very clean and fair play . This is because in online dominoQQ games, whether on PKV servers or IDN servers, there are no tricks or illegal systems that will harm between players.

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The Reason You Always Lose in Sportsbook Gambling

Gambling games are now growing rapidly, starting from how to play them to the bets provided. Even now there is a sports gambling game or what is called sportsbook gambling. One type of sport that competes sports betting games, of course for some sports lovers the presence of this type of betting is very welcomed by them. Because with this bet, their hobby of watching sports matches can simultaneously generate a lot of money.

But the way to get a lot of money from this type of bet is of course by winning consistently, but the fact is that until now most people play and still lose. In this article, we will share with you about any mistakes that cause people to still lose wrongly in this one gambling game. Hopefully this article can help you to avoid defeat by the mistakes that we will mention.

Reasons That Cause Defeat In Sportsbook Gambling

Here are the reasons and reasons why people still experience defeat in sportsbook gambling very often, namely:

Too Relying on Their Mainstay Team Without Analyzing First
The first mistake and still often made by online sportsbook betting lovers is relying too much on their champion team to win in the game without doing analysis first. This is of course very dangerous considering that the sportsbook game requires in-depth analysis and is also careful in finding the best team, not the favorite team.

Not Mastering Existing Bets
The second mistake that players often make is not knowing what bets are provided and what these bets mean. Of course this is not very good if you want to win this game. Therefore you must master all types of bets that are available so that you can get better results.

Betting at the
wrong time One of the advantages of this gambling game agen bola sbobet is that there is no time limit for placing bets on a game, as long as the game is not over. However, if you place a bet when the game is in progress or is about to end, you will be charged a very large and expensive service fee. The best time to place a bet is when the match has not started.

Betting Originally
The obvious mistake most often made by online gambling players on this one is betting carelessly without knowing what team is installed and who the opponent is.

Playing in the Big Leagues Only
This is not a fatal mistake, it’s just that most people who play in the big leagues will lose. This happens because the big leagues have competition and players that are almost evenly distributed on each side.

Attitudes to Avoid in order to be True Winners

In addition to the mistakes above that are often made, you should also avoid some of the following bad attitudes so that you can become the true winner of this game, including:

Greedy When Playing
Greed is one of the words and attitudes that should be avoided when playing. Greed is an attitude of greed and is never satisfied with the results that have been obtained. It is better if you stop playing when the target you have set has been successfully achieved.

Place a Bet Value that Doesn’t Make Reasonable
The next attitude is when you determine the value of the bet to be placed, never even if you place that value with a number that doesn’t make sense. It makes sense here means that it must be adjusted to the existing circumstances

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Is it true that playing Dominoqq Online is more Profitable

Playing dominoqq is one of the activities to play gambling that is very profitable and very fun to play. One of the games that uses domino cards as a medium for playing it has been decorating the world of gambling for a long time, which you usually play when you hang out with friends. However, the thing of playing with gathering people is now starting to be left behind. Because nowadays, playing this game can be done online, so playing online dominoqq gambling has become the main choice for gambling players today.

There are several advantages and reasons why gambling players are starting to leave the old way of playing and start switching to a new way of playing as it is now. On this occasion we will reveal what are the advantages of playing dominoqq online, after which you can judge for yourself which is more profitable between the two ways of playing.

Advantages of Playing Dominoqq Online

In the following, we will share what are the advantages of playing online dominoqq games that you might not get if you play dominoqq conventionally or offline. These advantages include:

Can be Played Anytime
The first advantage that can be obtained when playing this game online is that it can be played anytime, without having to think about playing time. This can be enjoyed because now the site where to play dominoqq online is active for 24 hours.

The next advantage when playing online is that security is more guaranteed. Because playing online means no one else will know about the activities you are doing, and you don’t need to be afraid that the personal data you register on related sites will be leaked. Because this data is guaranteed to be safe because all online gambling agent sites are very professional.

Affordable Transactions
Next, when discussing benefits, what will be obtained next is that transactions made while playing are very affordable. Because usually when you play dominoes offline you sometimes run into a transaction value that is too expensive, but you don’t need to be afraid when playing online because usually the minimum transaction provided is only IDR 10,000 – IDR 15,000.

There is a Bonus System
Another advantage that you will only get when playing dominoqq online is that you can get a bonus that has been provided by the site and how to get it is very easy. Usually you just play enough and you can get the bonuses.

There is a Jackpot System
Another advantage when playing online is that there is a jackpot system situs domino online terpercaya when playing. This is certainly a breath of fresh air for you when playing. Because if you can get the jackpot it can double your profits.

Slight Drawbacks Playing Dominoqq Online

Playing the dominoqq game does have a lot of advantages, but playing this game online also has a few drawbacks, including:

Too Dependent on the Internet
One of the drawbacks when playing this game online, of course, is dependence on the internet network. This is sometimes a problem that is quite annoying considering that when playing suddenly the network disconnects.

Sites that are
exposed to the positive internet This is indeed not a very serious problem, it’s just a waste of time to play.

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Mistakes That Online Casino Gambling Players Repeat

Playing online casino gambling is an option from the various types of online gambling that can now be played. Through a smartphone or computer connected to the internet network, you can play the game. One of the reasons why people choose to play casino gambling games online compared to other games is of course because the benefits that can be obtained when playing them are very large.

To get a big profit from this type of gambling is not something that is difficult to do. You just need to play consistently and don’t make mistakes that can hurt yourself.

But unfortunately there are still online gambling players who still make mistakes that shouldn’t be necessary. If you want to get the most out of this type of bet you need to avoid that mistake.

In this article we will share with you what mistakes you should not do. As well as mistakes that you must avoid when playing. Because if you make a mistake, you yourself will be responsible for the loss.

Avoid the following when playing online casino gambling

Here are the things you should avoid when playing online casino gambling so that you can get maximum results when playing.

  • Playing Games You Don’t Know
    The thing you should most avoid when playing Agen Casino Terbesar is playing a type of bet that you don’t even know how to play. Because this is very dangerous and it is not advisable to try it. Unless you don’t mind having your money disappear.
  • Not Having a Target When Playing
    The next thing to avoid is not having a direction and goal when playing. Most people play without ever knowing the target to be achieved. This way of playing is very wrong because if you play without direction and goal, you will not know when you have to stop playing and when you have to continue playing.
  • Bet By Following Feeling
    Approx. Next, what often gambling players do when playing is to place bets with approximate skills or knowledge. It is not uncommon for players to place bets on the grounds that they are feeling or about and get a win without analyzing it first. But it is better if before placing a bet, do the analysis and look carefully first.
  • Placing Too Many Bets 
    last mistake you shouldn’t make while playing is placing too many bets. One of the advantages of playing this game is that you can place multiple bets in 1 type of game simultaneously. But with these advantages, sometimes it becomes a boomerang because you place too many bets so the profits you get do not match the value of the bet placed.

Why should you play online casino gambling?

Apart from what we explained above, this type of bet promises big profits. Other reasons why gambling players are very fond of playing this type of bet, namely:

  • Easy to Play and Understand
    The first reason why people choose to play this type of bet is because all the games available at casino gambling agents are very easy to play and very easy to understand. Even placing a bet is very easy.
  • Easy to Access
    The next reason is because this type of game is very easily accessible and found on the internet today. Because there are so many trusted casino gambling agents today and this is what makes people choose to play this one bet.
  • Easy and Cheap Transactions
    The last reason why people play this bet is because all types of transactions made on casino gaming sites are very easy and do not require too much capital to be able to play.

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Causes of Bandar Poker Gambling Players to Continue Losing

Playing online gambling today is probably one of the main choices for online gambling lovers because the games available are growing every day. Like at this time there is a bookie poker gambling game which is one of the mainstay online gambling games for playing card gambling lovers. So that gambling players prefer to play gambling online compared to playing conventional gambling.

As one of the games provided by the PKV server, it does have its own charm that is able to make the players feel at home when playing it, how come? This game has been proven to be able to provide enormous benefits for players who know the correct tricks in playing this type of gambling.

But unfortunately there are still poker dealer players who still lose when playing. Most of these players lose because they don’t know or are able to avoid things that really shouldn’t be done while playing, so most of the results they get are not optimal.

In the following, we will share with you all about what you really shouldn’t do when playing poker. If you can avoid these things you cannot do, then you can definitely get tremendous benefits when playing poker.

Things to Avoid When Playing Bandar Poker Gambling

Feeling Losing When You Become a Dealer
Things that you should avoid when playing poker bookies is feeling a loss if you become a dealer. This really shouldn’t be done, because in fact the most situs dewa poker profitable position when playing a poker bookie is when you become a bookie. Indeed, to be able to fill the dealer position in this game there are several requirements but with the benefits that can be obtained, there is no loss to fulfill these requirements.

Placing Too Large a Bet Value
The next mistake that poker dealer players often make is that they place too large a stake. Most of them can place a bet value of up to 50% of their capital. This is very crazy and makes no sense because in this game you will never know who will be the winner until the dealer opens the card.

Another thing you shouldn’t do while playing is to be greedy. This is also what often becomes a time bomb for players who never feel enough and are grateful when playing. We recommend that before playing, set the target you want to achieve and stick to that target.

Not Buying the Jackpot
Shortly before the cards will start being distributed to the players, you will usually be given time to place a bet value and be given the opportunity to buy a jackpot ticket. Most players feel a loss or maybe don’t know that the poker bookie jackpot is actually one of the easiest jackpots in online gambling games to get. So you should always buy the jackpot so you can get 2x the profit.

Playing When the Internet Network is Bad The
last thing you should pay attention to is that before playing, you should first check the internet network that will be used to support your playing activities. Make sure the internet is stable and not experiencing an up or down condition. Because if you experience problems when playing the network you will experience a loss.

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Learn the Right Techniques for Playing AduQ Online

The game that is very popular among online gambling players is the online aduq game. This game uses domino cards and does not use a bookie system. This game almost all online gambling players know about the existence of aduq. Because indeed aduq has many exciting advantages to play. Not only that, even fighting is one game that is very easy to win. However, to achieve this victory, you must have a number of proper techniques to win.

Although aduq is a game that is easy to win. We recommend that you don’t underestimate the players who live in it. Because many professional players play aduq games. Unlike other games that have few professional players. Therefore, before you start playing aduq, you should prepare the most appropriate technique in order to win. And here we will share a number of proper techniques for playing aduq so that you can win. So please refer to our review below.

A Number of AduQ Online Appropriate Techniques

Basically the online aduq game is not a game that is difficult to win. But don’t underestimate the aduq game. So you still have to learn playing techniques in order to win. It’s not just sitting at the game table and waiting for cards to be dealt and hoping to win. All victories must be based on effort, you cannot just hope from luck. Because not everyone has continuous luck, so you have to prepare the best technique during play.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will share a number of techniques for playing aduq. Hopefully our collection of reviews here can help you all win. So please refer to our review below.

The following are a number of playing techniques that must be prepared before playing aduq, including the following:

Starting with a small table
The first technique is starting with a small table. What is meant by starting with a small table is actually testing your luck level. So you don’t keep plunging into big shirts, because we don’t know the level of luck when we start playing. So there’s nothing wrong with starting the game at the small table first. It also aims so that you can avoid defeat at the beginning of the game.

Look for a hockey table
The next technique is to find a hockey table. Every player dominoqq deposit pulsa must have a lucky place or lucky number. Just as you play online aduq, in aduq there is also a hockey table for each player. So your job is to find the hockey table, you can start by looking for a table with your hockey number. If your lucky numbers aren’t bringing you luck, then you should look for another table.

Set play time
The next and important technique is to time the play. When you play aduq, don’t forget the time. you have to be able to set the time to play in order to maintain your stamina. Don’t get tired and play careless games. Especially when you have won you don’t stop, then that is the beginning of your defeat. Because when you win, many players are greedy and want to win more. But the things that are obtained are quite the opposite, the player experiences defeat and fatigue. So you should always set the time to play both winning and losing.

Choose a trusted aduq site
The next and most important technique is to choose a trusted aduq site. As we know that many gambling sites provide aduq games. But did you know that not all aduq gambling sites can be trusted? Therefore you should be careful and do your research before joining. Because don’t regret it when you choose the wrong site.


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