Did you know that now online poker agents provide transactions via credit? Of course, you all know this, because there are already so many enthusiasts of transactions via credit. This is due to the ease of topping up from the counter, or sending credit from a personal cellphone. Therefore, credit transactions are very booming in Indonesia. All groups so they can try to play gambling at the best poker agent. And almost all gambling players in Indonesia make credit deposits.

However, did you know that players who deposit credit often encounter problems when depositing? For those of you who often make credit deposits, surely you often encounter problems. Which is where these obstacles make your credit balance unable to be processed by the poker agent. And of course you will be confused when the credit cannot be processed. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the problems with credit deposit and how to overcome them. Please refer to our review below.

Constraints on Credit Deposits at Online Poker Agents that Often Occur

When you deposit credit at an online poker agent, it is certain that you have experienced things such as credit not being processed or being processed after 1 x 24 hours. Do you know the cause of this? For some players, they must know the cause of these obstacles. So please refer to our review below to make it even clearer.

Serial Number didn’t come
The first problem and what often happens is that the serial number does not come. When the Telkomsel or XL operator is in trouble. Usually the serial number or SN will not enter the destination number or the city number. So it will slow down your credit deposit transaction.

Serial Number is different
The next obstacle is a different serial number. You must often experience different serial numbers. Usually this is caused by a credit agent who is not registered at the Telkomsel or XL operator center. And this different SN will prevent your credit transaction from being processed.

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Send pulses at random
The third obstacle is sending pulses at random. Usually, each poker agent has determined the destination number for the credit deposit for the members. However, there are still players who send credit to different destination numbers. Even though the destination number still belongs to the poker agent. However, it makes your credit process slower to process.

How to Overcome Credit Deposit Constraints at Poker Agents

After knowing the obstacles, now is the poker99 deposit pulsa time for you to know how to overcome them. Please refer to the review below on how to overcome the problem of depositing credit at a poker agent. The following are a number of ways to overcome the problem of depositing credit so that it is processed, including:

Ask for the serial number to the counter
The first most important way is to ask the serial number to the counter. When you load credit at the counter, then you have to ask for the SN number. You can just ask for the SN number or take a photo of the SN. It would be better if you photograph the SN number to make it clearer.

Confirm the destination number before topping up
The second way is to confirm the credit deposit destination number. Before you send the credit, you should first confirm the deposit destination number. So that your credit deposit can be processed quickly and if the Sn is different. The poker agent can match the credit recharging time.