So this time we meet again in the same taste and sensation, of course with a different topic. But, take it easy that the warmth and excitement of the topic will not change, that’s our special feature, readers. We will review the famous slot games.

Previously, what was a slot? Slots are games that are almost the same as gambling, except that they are more often played by the machine version. Well, if you are the type of person who is relaxed, simple, and doesn’t like crowds or eye contact, you can stay in this article and continue reading about slots, because we have recommended applications, times are sophisticated, you can do anything through your cellphone. Come on, check it out!

Recommended Applications For Slot Games

Slots: Vip Deluxe Slot Machines Free-Vegas Slots

This slot game has a rating that is not playing games, it is almost perfect, you know. The rate is 4.9 out of 5. This application is launched by Super lucky Casino. Lots of players who like to play here, of course, this application takes your fatigue from school, college or even work.

This game gives you chips or coins that you can exchange for credit, and this application often shares bonuses and jackpots for those of you who are lucky. The application, which was released on the fifteenth of June two thousand and sixteen, has a download size that is not too heavy, around 73 Mega Bytes. Cool, right?

Slots: Hot Vegas Slot Machines Casino & Free Games

This slot game is the result of the same place as the previous application, again -lagi creation of super lucky casino received a rating that is nearly perfect 4.9 out of 5. Woah. This includes the highest achievement in the playstore. This game was released on 11 May 2016 and has just been updated on 4 December 2019, still fresh.

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Don’t ask again how exciting this one application is, many even forget about their work because of this game , if, usually, a lot of the games you download make you bored, this one makes you wonder ‘what is boredom?’.

Because, you feel challenged to win situs judi slot terbaik every round in this slot game and get prizes, of course. The size is also not big, looks cool and has been downloaded by more than five million people, the size is only about 60 Mega Bytes , lighter than the previous one.

Gold Fortune Casino- Free Vegas Slots

This application has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Pretty good. This game is really cool for those of you who like entertainment, it’s fun and cool looks, many like this one application, you can get chips and win games. The gameplay is also good and interesting. The size is 94 Mega Bytes .

Golden Casino: Free Slot Machines & Casino Games

Are you looking for a slot game that offers lots of bonuses? Asik? So this is the application, many users like to play here because it is given the ease of playing, you are easier to win in this application, bonuses and jackpots also often come to you.

The most interesting thing, for you, internet package savers, this application does not need to use quotas, can be customer service, this application is still updated once, namely on January 13, 2020, but was launched on March 23, 2017, you can download it on your cellphone only 81.54 Mega Bytes in size .