If all this time you have played on a soccer gambling betting agent site but haven’t won, maybe this could happen because you didn’t choose the right formula. So that even though you have played in a trusted place, you still don’t win it. So from that this time we have a solution!

Where this time we will give you a few tricks so that you can win soccer bets online using the over under market when the ball is running. Just provide Rp. 50 thousand, you can start online soccer betting. The formula used this time is divided into 2 parts. Namely high risk and low risk. Select which one?

The formula for playing on the football betting agent site

Below is how to play soccer gambling with minimal risk so you can avoid losing and can play safely:

Before starting, make sure you understand that in using this method there is a price to pay. If you choose low risk, it means you are playing agen sbobet safe. So that the nominal winnings and the amount of deposits issued or received are also small. Because it runs straight in proportion. In this case, you can place a bet on the under position first.

When the match starts, then the OU odds decrease to ¼ hour or 15 minutes. Then try to place a bet in the over position. Want to know the reason? For example, there is a Liverpool vs MU match with OU odds of 1 goal in the first half. Then put under 1 goal before or during the game.

When the OU odds have decreased to ¾ goal or 0.75, then try to reverse the direction of placing an over with the same bet amount as before. So that if there are no goals at all in the first half, you win. While the over loses, so the result is a draw.

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The result will be the same when there are 2 goals that occur. The under bet will lose, while the over bet wins. So that you don’t lose at all. But if what happens is to score 1 goal only, then the under bet is a agen slot terbaru, and the over bet wins half. So that your profit becomes ½ of your stake.

Such is an example of a betting formula on a low risk soccer betting agent site. Below is a strategy for playing high-risk soccer gambling, including:

Before using this method, you must first realize that the potential for winning and losing is equal. How to place bets in the 80th minute and above by selecting over. After that, when the OU odds become ½ goal, then you only need 1 goal to win this bet.

It’s just that this method is quite risky to experience defeat, because the remaining time is only 10 minutes + injury time. But even so, the results matched the high risk. That is why OU over odds are usually black and the multiplication is more than 2x at the last minute.

Now that’s the formula for playing on a soccer gambling betting agent site. You can choose the high risk or low risk according to your abilities. If you like light bets, please use a low risk method. Meanwhile, if you like challenges, please place only high risk bets.