A teenager is someone who is still shaping his identity and needs a positive environment to support his life. But at this time online games are rampant on the internet and are loved by teenagers. Even in some people it is addictive.

The Negative Impact of Slot Games on Teens

Addiction to online games is very dangerous. One of the online game games that are currently popular is online slot gambling games. This win-win game can give you lots of prizes if you win such as money and other bonuses.

The following are the negative impacts of slot games that can occur among teenagers

Interrupting Lessons
Adolescents are usually still attending high school or studying at a university. At this age it should focus on learning activities at school. But adolescents who are addicted to online games generally do not focus on their studies. They tend to be more interested in playing online games and feel curious until they win. In the end they only think about game play.

The brain that is accustomed to thinking about game play will usually get addicted because playing the game is so exciting. For those who are addicted to online games, learning is tough. Reading and memorizing lessons becomes boring. What is in his mind is only game play. Even though later it can affect the grades of the lesson so that it will have an impact on not going to class or even dropping out.

Interferes with Social Life
The social life of someone who is addicted to online games will certainly be very disturbed. Playing games like slot games is more fun than meeting friends and playing together. The negative impact of playing slot games today is very sad. Today’s teenagers prefer to play with their fingers on their cellphones than playing on the field.

Adolescent social life is now experiencing changes. In the past, there were still often teenagers who got together and played music or hung out joking. But now they prefer to hang out on their cellphone with their virtual friends.

Interferes with Health
Too often staring at the screen of the cellphone, of course, can have an effect that is not good for health. The first health problem is the eye. The eye organs are required to stare at the HP screen for hours without stopping. Though the eyes can be exposed to electromagnetic waves which are harmful to the eyes.

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Currently, many children and adolescents wear glasses. There are also some who wear thick glasses. Even some people experience visual disturbances to blindness. All of these are the negative effects of slot games that occur as a result of addiction. Slot games themselves are one of the most popular games currently. This game requires a focused eye to pick the right image in order to hit the jackpot.

Health problems due to the next game addiction can affect bone health. Playing games that don’t stop automatically don’t move daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya the body parts. The only moving parts of the body are the fingers. If this is allowed, the body and joints will become stiff. Even though at this age there should be a lot of movement so that the body’s metabolism is good.

Disturbing the Future
The addiction to online games that are rife today at a young age is really sad. The future of adolescence can be disturbed. They only want to look at their cellphones to play and win games. The skills and lessons they should have learned while they were young do not want to be touched. Automatically they do not get the skills as a provision for the future.

Teens who are addicted to games do not want to think about provisions to achieve a bright future. Day after day all he had in mind was just playing games. The mind is not well developed. Even though at this age creativity should be at its peak.

That is the negative impact of slot games that can make teenagers lose their future. Playing games online doesn’t hurt, but there should be a time limit so you don’t get addicted. Adolescents should increase their abilities and creativity as provisions for the future.